Q. We just moved into our new location with new pavement. Should we seal it now?
A. Sealer should not be applied to new pavement until after the first 6 months.
Dill Parking Lot Maintenance recommend’s the first sealer application after the
pavement is 1 year old and resealed every 2-3 years.

Q. Our parking lot has lots of cracks running in all directions. Will sealing help this?
A. No. First, cracks wider than 1/8”or a nickel probably need to be sealed with hot
pour crack sealer, then the pavement can be sealed.

Q. Does sealing make the asphalt slippery?
A. No. Not if the proper amount of sand is blended in with sealer and properly applied.

Q. Recently, I was asked to get bids on sealing our lot at work. Although it is a basic lot,
The 3 bids varied by as much as 40%. Why?

A. We, at Dill Parking Lot Maintenance use top quality products along with fair prices,
excellent service and superior workmanship. We may not always be the least
expensive, but we have many satisfied customers.

Q. How often should a lot be re-striped?
A. You want to re-stripe as soon as lines aren’t fully visible or when you want your lot to
look brighter than your competitor or adjoining businesses. Striping duration depends
on several issues, such as location, the elements and traffic on the lot. Example:
Coastal locations may need both, re-striping and re-sealing more frequently.

Q. Does your company operate Monday through Friday?
A. No. Dill Parking Lot Maintenance tries to schedule work when it least impacts the
customer. We operate seven days a week unless it is prohibited by local or state law.
We try not to work on Sunday, but sometimes we must to accommodate our

Q. I manage units with multiple locations in five states and can’t possibly be on site each
time work is needed. How can your company help me?

A. Dill Parking Lot Maintenance has multiple operations in the states that we service.
Upon request, we will visit your location, estimate work and photograph if needed.
We then send estimates and photos to your email address or office. We are open for
any questions that you have.

Q. If we have a pothole, a broken concrete curb and a bent sign pole, will I need three

A. No. In today’s busy world, Dill Parking Lot Maintenance provides an array of
services, saving you time to focus on other tasks.

Q. Does your company install those round posts in the asphalt or concrete?
A. Yes. We install posts for signage, as well as protective bollards.

Q. We have two small potholes in our lot, should we try to fix them ourselves or find
someone in the area to fix them?

A. Dill Parking Lot Maintenance performs these services, no matter the size or location.

Q. Our handicap parking sign was stolen. Are we responsible?
A. Yes. The owner or tenant is responsible for handicap parking to meet to ADA
standards at all times, or possibly face a penalty of fine for each space in violation for
each day!

Q. We have too many handicap parking spaces and they are in all the good spots – right
up front. Can we do away with a few of these handicap spots?

A. Possibly. First, check local and state codes, as well as ADA Requirements.
Dill Parking Lot Maintenance can help you determine this.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with your services?
A. Most likely each time you call Dill Parking Lot Maintenance, you will be speaking to
owner Claude Dill or a person that will contact him. We take/treat complaints more
serious than a prospective contract. Dill Parking Lot Maintenance has less than a 1%
call back rate and our goal is 0%.

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